Research Areas

Physical Chemistry

Physical Chemistry is a field that explores the fundamental principles of chemical phenomena. Using techniques developed in physical chemistry, we propose and create new functional materials on a nanometer scale that were unimaginable in the 20th century. These nanometer-sized materials are an important field of recent chemical research, and various studies are being attempted using these materials to make energy-using materials or explore life phenomena.

  • Kim, Kyung Hwan Professor Physical
    • X-ray scattering, X-ray spectroscopies, X-ray photon correlation spectroscopy with X-ray free electron lasers
    • The structural origin of water (and ice) anomalies
    • Reaction mechanism of organometallic catalyst in solution
    • Ground-state protein dynamics
  • Kim, Sungjee Professor Physical Nano/Materials Biomedical
    • Optical properties of quantum dots
    • Quantum dot based optoelectronic devices.
    • Biomedical imaging applications using quantum dots
    • Surface plasmon and biomedical applications of metal nanoparticles
  • Ryu, Sunmin Professor Physical Nano/Materials
    • Energy and charge transfer dynamics in low dimensions
    • Photophysics and photochemistry of low-dimensional materials
    • Interfacial science in low dimensions
    • Time-resolved and nonlinear spectroscopy
    • Monolayer-sensitive spectromicroscopies
  • Son, Chang Yun Professor Physical Polymer Theoretical
    • Development of new theories and simulation models for electrochemical interfaces
    • Computational and theoretical studies of polymer electrolytes and energy materials
    • Computational and theoretical studies of bio-soft materials with focus on membrane systems
    • Simulation studies of functional 2D materials and nanoparticle growth
  • Shim, Ji Hoon Professor Physical Theoretical Nano/Materials
    • Computational chemistry & Solid state chemistry
    • Computational design of functional materials using Density Functional Theory (DFT)
    • Development of computational method combining DFT and many body interaction
  • Joo, Taiha Professor Physical Nano/Materials
    • Dynamics in condensed phases by employing femtosecond time domain spectroscopies
    • Development of new techniques in femtosecond lasers and time domain measurements
    • Applications of femtosecond spectroscopy to semiconductor nanostructures and biomolecules