Undergraduate program


POSTECH implements customized scholarship policies that consider the economic conditions of each household, so that any student may continue his or her studies in spite of financial difficulties and develop a global mind and academic skills. Upon entering POSTECH, all students become recipients of the President Science Scholarship, National Scholarship (science and engineering), National Merit Scholarship and Jigok Scholarship. The status continues for 8 consecutive semesters as far as the requirements of the government and POSTECH are met. There are additional scholarships – Academic Excellence Scholarship, Academic Achievement Scholarship, Study Abroad Scholarship, Student Internship Scholarship, Special Scholarship, Honorary Scholarship (for a student who is qualified for a scholarship, but gives up the entitlement for other students who have financial difficulties) and more.

So if you are a foreign student, and wonder about any financial support you can get from the school, please contact the ISSS(International Student and Scholar Services) department of the school

Departmental Scholarships
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Scholarship Number of people Eligibility
(Chemistry Scholarship of Eminent Members)
All Muenjae students who chose chemistry
Kim Uk Scholarships 1~2 people/year Junior in chemistry
Lee Insuk Scholarships 2~3 people/year Junior in chemistry
Jang Tae Hyun Scholarships 2~3 people/year Junior in chemistry
  • Detailed qualification requirements for selection will be provided separately by the department.
Academic Support Programs
P-WURF(Winter Undergraduate Research Fellowship)
  • Purpose : As a research participation program for undergraduates during the winter season, from sophomore to senior students are strongly encouraged to have prior experience in both research and communication with academic advisors to assist students deciding their future career.
  • Participation conditions : Full-time participation is required, and other subjects cannot be taken during the seasonal semester, and research results are announced.
    • For senior students, those who for graduate in the following August are only eligible / Each student can enroll in this program maximum twice.
  • Credits : 1 credit/semester (required to apply for seasonal semester)
  • Required documents : Research participation application form, research participation result report
  • Participation stipend :400,000 won/person or higher
SMP(Student Mentoring program)
  • Purpose : To help freshmen (Mueunjae undergraduate students) learn basic subjects and adapt to college life early, and to reduce the academic burden on major subjects for chemistry students.
  • Subject subjects : General Chemistry I, Organic Chemistry II, Physical Chemistry I, Chemical Mathematics, etc
  • Mentors and mentees are selected and operated by the undergraduate student council
LIC (Lab Introduction of Chemistry)
  • Purpose : For undergraduates who are interested in entering the graduate school of chemistry, professors or graduate students directly introduce each chemistry lab and provide practical information on graduate life.
  • Participation target : POSTECH undergraduates
  • The undergraduate student council conducts a demand survey every November, and a zoom link provided in the end of the session.
CAP(Chemistry Adaptation Program)
  • Purpose : To provide useful information about the academic life of a chemistry department student targeting sophomores who are about to choose their major. Also serves as counselor, listen to students’ concerns and help them to choose the right major
  • Activity period : 3 times in total (3 weeks)
  • Mentors and mentees are selected and operated by the undergraduate student council