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[Prof. Kimoon Kim] Cascade reaction networks within audible sound induced transient domains in a solution

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Prabhu Dhasaiyan, Tanwistha Ghosh, Hong-Guen Lee, Yeonsang Lee, Ilha Hwang,* Rahul Dev Mukhopadhyay,* Kyeng Min Park, Seungwon Shin, In Seok Kang & Kimoon Kim* 세포와 같은 생체 시스템 모Spatiotemporal control of chemical cascade reactions within compartmentalized domains is one of the difficult challenges to achieve. To implement such control, scientists have been working on the development of various artificial compartmentalized systems such as liposomes, vesicles, polymersomes, etc. Although a considerable amount of progress has been made in this direction, one still needs to develop alternative strategies for controlling cascade reaction networks within spatiotemporally controlled domains in a solution, which remains a non-trivial issue. Herein, we present the utilization of audible sound induced liquid vibrations for the generation of transient domains in an aqueous medium, which can be used for the control of cascade chemical reactions in a spatiotemporal fashion. This approach gives us access to highly reproducible spatiotemporal chemical gradients and patterns, in situ growth and aggregation of gold nanoparticles at predetermined locations or domains formed in a solution. Our strategy also gives us access to nanoparticle patterned hydrogels and their applications for region specific cell growth.   https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-022-30124-x


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