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[Prof. Seung Hwan Cho] Stereoselective Access to Tetra- and Tri-substituted Fluoro- and Chloro-borylalkenes via Boron-Wittig Reaction

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Seungcheol Han, Yeosan Lee, Yujin Jung, and Seung Hwan Cho*   플

Reported herein is the efficient synthesis of tetra- and tri-substituted (Z)-fluoro- and (Z)-chloro-borylalkenes by the Boron–Wittig reaction of ketones and aldehydes with bench-top stable halo-diborylmethanes. The substrate scope is broad and the Boron–Wittig reaction proceeds from a diverse range of ketones and aldehydes including biologically relevant molecules with fluoro- or chloro-diborylmethanes, providing tetra- and tri-substituted (Z)-fluoro- and (Z)-chloro-borylalkenes in good yields with high stereoselectivity. The utilities of the obtained (Z)-fluoro- and (Z)-chloro-borylalkenes are highlighted by further modifications to afford fluoroalkene derivatives or all-carbon substituted alkene. https://doi.org/10.1002/anie.202210532


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