Research Areas


Biochemistry is a cutting-edge field of natural science in the 21st century that studies chemical reactions and material composition of living things at the molecular or atomic level. By exploring the basic principles of life phenomena through chemical methods, biochemistry serves as an important bridge between biology and chemistry.

  • Ban, Changill Professor Bio
    • Biosensor
    • Bio-nanotechnology
    • Structural Biology
  • Lim, Hyun-suk Professor Bio Organic Biomedical
    • Development of novel synthetic molecules that can mimic protein surface structure and function
    • Development of innovative technology platforms for rapid and efficient discovery of protein ligands
    • Development of chemical modulators of protein-protein interactions as biological probes and potential drug candidates
  • Chang, Young-Tae Professor Bio Organic Biomedical
    • Fluorescent sensor for physical, chemical & biological analytes
    • Fluorescent bioimaging & chemical biology
    • Chemcal Cellomics for live cell discrimination