Research Areas

Polymer Chemistry

Polymer Chemistry is a field that studies the physical and chemical properties and synthesis of polymer materials such as synthetic resins, synthetic fibers, synthetic rubber, and biopolymers, covering both the fundamental science and industrial applications of polymers.

  • Kim, Won Jong Professor Polymer Biomedical
    • Biopolymer Chemistry
    • Smart Drug/Gene Delivery System
    • Nanobiomaterials based Theranostics
    • Multifunctional Nanoassembly
    • Nanoparticle based Immunotherapy
    • Biopolymer-Mediated Gene Analysis
    • Nitric Oxide Delivery
    • DNA Nanomedicine
  • Park, Moon Jeong Professor Polymer Nano/Materials
    • Nanostructured polymer electrolytes for fuel cell & rechargeable lithium battery
    • Electrochemistry of conducting polymers
    • Synthesis and characterization of organic / inorganic hybrids
  • Park, Soojin Professor Polymer
    • Deformable energy storage devices
    • Synthesis of nanostructured anode materials for lithium-ion batteries
    • Next generation batteries materials
    • Block copolymer based energy conversion and storage applications
    • GI-SAXS and TEM characterizations of nanomaterials
  • Son, Chang Yun Professor Polymer Physical Theoretical
    • Development of new theories and simulation models for electrochemical interfaces
    • Computational and theoretical studies of polymer electrolytes and energy materials
    • Computational and theoretical studies of bio-soft materials with focus on membrane systems
    • Simulation studies of functional 2D materials and nanoparticle growth