Research Areas

Inorganic Chemistry

Our inorganic research covers the chemical bonding and molecular structure of all elements in the periodic table to the theoretical principles for coordination compounds based on transition- or main-group elements. Specific areas of interest include the design and synthesis of transition metal catalysts and develop the new properties of organometallic and inorganic materials. We also address problems in modern society by providing new materials, including porous-, energy-, and semiconducting-materials.

  • Kim, Kimoon Professor Inorganic Nano/Materials
    • Novel supramolecular assemblies built with cucurbiturils and their applications
    • Biological science and technology via strong and specific host-guest interactions
    • Polymeric nanomaterials synthesized by (irreversible) covalent self-assembly
    • Multifunctional modular nanoporous materials for gas storage, separation, and catalysis
  • Park, Sarah Professor Inorganic Nano/Materials
    • Synthesis and characterization of electron- or ion-conductive MOFs
    • Energy storage materials
    • Electrocatalysts
    • Development of solid-state materials based on molecular cluster
  • Park, Joon Won Professor Inorganic Nano/Materials
    • Bio-AFM
    • DNA Microarray/Biosensor
    • Self-Assembled Monolayer (SAM)
  • Lee, Eunsung Professor Inorganic
    • Synthesis and application of inorganic and organometallic catalysts for activating small molecules highly efficiently.
    • Synthesis and application of inorganic and organometallic complexes which show regioselective organic transformations in metal-organic frameworks (MOFs).
    • Development of novel systems which allow facile access to 18F-labeled PET tracers, from small molecules to supramolecules, in order to study neurosystems and the brain.
  • Lee, In Su Professor Inorganic Nano/Materials
    • Synthesis and modification of metal and metal oxide nanocrystals
    • Fabrication of nanoparticles for the biomedical, catalytic, and energy application
    • Synthesis and application of 2-D nanostructured materials
  • Choi, Hee Cheul Professor Inorganic Nano/Materials
    • Molecular Systems Electronics
    • Growth and property studies of Molecular crystals
    • Organic semiconductors & superconductors
    • Organic electronic devices
    • Synthesis and application of graphene, carbon nanotube, fullerene crystal
  • Hwang, Seung Jun Professor Inorganic
    • Synthesis of inorganic and organometallic photo- and electro-catalysts for small molecule activation particularly for the energy application.
    • Development of novel main group catalysts which mimic the reactivities of transition metal catalysts
    • Development of electrocatalysts for asymmetric reactions and selective bond cleavages