Research Areas

Organic Chemistry

Organic chemistry focuses on scientific study of the structure, properties, and reactions of organic molecules which contain carbon atoms. In our department, we conduct research in synthetic chemistry, bio-organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, and enzyme chemistry. Representative research areas include designing and synthesis of catalysts for novel synthetic methodologies, new enzyme inhibitors, intermediates associated to in vivo signal transduction, and physiologically active substances. Furthermore, these methodologies could be applied to the synthesis of complex natural products, bio-active pharmaceuticals, macrocyclic molecules, and industrially & agriculturally useful building blocks.

  • Ahn, Kyo Han Professor Organic Nano/Materials
    • Molecular probes for diagnosis and imaging of disease biomarkers
    • Luminescent materials for bioimaging
    • Molecular recognition and sensing
  • Rhee, Young Ho Professor Organic
    • Developing new transition metal-catalyzed reactions
    • Developing new catalytic asymmetric reactions
    • Total synthesis of bioactive natural products
  • Lim, Hyun-suk Professor Organic Bio Biomedical
    • Development of novel synthetic molecules that can mimic protein surface structure and function
    • Development of innovative technology platforms for rapid and efficient discovery of protein ligands
    • Development of chemical modulators of protein-protein interactions as biological probes and potential drug candidates
  • Chang, Young-Tae Professor Organic Bio Biomedical
    • Fluorescent sensor for physical, chemical & biological analytes
    • Fluorescent bioimaging & chemical biology
    • Chemcal Cellomics for live cell discrimination
  • Cho, Seung Hwan Professor Organic
    • Transition-metal catalyzed asymmetric reactions
    • Design and synthesis of new types of organoboron compounds
    • Stereo-and Chemoselective cross-couplings
  • Chi, Hyung Min Professor Organic
    • Development of catalytic, enantioselective reactions
    • Development of organocatalysts with novel scaffolds
    • Mechanistic studies of organic reactions
    • Total synthesis of natural products and biologically active compounds
  • Kim, Hyunwoo Professor Organic
    • Generation of Exotic Radical Species for Unconventional Catalysis
    • Synergistic Hybrid Catalysis for Next Generation Organic Synthesis
    • Electrochemical Organic Synthesis
    • Design of new catalytic transformation by merging electricity and transition-metal catalyst platform