Graduate program


Students are obliged to follow academic regulations and requirements of the POSTECH graduate program. The following represents the required courses of each individual division and the ones commonly required

  • Physical Chemistry : Should take at least two courses among Quantum Chemistry(CHEM510), Molecular Spectroscopy(CHEM513), Statistical Thermodynamics(CHEM613), and Chemical Dynamics(CHEM614).
  • Organic Chemistry : Advanced Organic Chemistry(CHEM521).
  • Inorganic Chemistry : Advanced Inorganic ChemistryⅠ(CHEM531).
  • Analytical Chemistry : Advanced Analytical Chemistry(CHEM541).
  • Polymer Chemistry : No specific courses are required.
  • Biochemistry : Advanced Chemical Biology(CHEM561).
  • Biomedical Chemistry : Advanced Chemical Biology(CHEM561).
[Commonly Required]
  • Master Thesis Research(CHEM699), Doctoral Dissertation Research(CHEM899): these courses can be taken repeatedly.
  • Colloquium(CHEM809): The following requirements are applied to the graduate students starting from year 2012.
    • Master program : Should take at least 3 times
    • M.S-Ph.D integrated program : Should take at least 6 times
    • Ph.D program : Should take at least 3 times
[Criteria of credit recognition for undergraduate courses for chemistry graduate program]
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Promotion Until 2018 Starting from 2019
Undergraduate Courses
(Maximum 6 credits)
400 units
(G or S/U)
200 ~ 400 units
(G or S/U)
[Criteria of credit recognition for courses offered by other departments for chemistry graduate program]
  • If a student takes a graduate course offered by other departments (500 to 800 units) under the approval of a advisor. The grade can be marked as letter grade or S(satisfied) / U(unsatisfied).

    HSS courses do not count towards graduation.