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Welcome to Department of Chemistry!

In behalf of the Department of Chemistry, I would like to welcome you all to our website. Whether you are looking for specific information or simply want to learn more about the Department of Chemistry, you will be finding our website to be an exciting gateway.

Our strong commitments to teaching and research made us the best place for learning chemistry, pursuing successful careers, and performing research in the country. Our students, faculty, and staff work together very hard to create and disseminate new knowledge and pursue intellectual, as well as personal, fulfillment for 10everyone involved.

Graduate students working for their degrees in our Department are fully supported through the teaching/research assistantships sponsored by the University or individual faculty members. We currently have two Research Center of Excellence, three Leader Researcher Programs, and one Basic Research Laboratory, all supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology. We are also actively involved in the Brain Korea 21 PLUS program sponsored by the Ministry of Education, which provides a number of graduate stipends and travel supports for international meetings and conferences.

I ask you to peruse our website through. It will take you on a fascinating journey to our young but vibrant chemistry program, where your great future begins. Enjoy surfing!

Thank you.

Youngho Rhee, Head, Dept. of Chemistry