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Gyeongju National Park
Located 30 km south of Pohang (30 minute by bus), Gyeongju is the ancient capital of the Shilla Dynasty (57BC-935AD), where one can feel the presence of its millennium-old history and culture.

Pohang Iron & Steel Company: POSCO
Established in 1968, POSCO is currently the largest steel producer worldwide with an annual production of 22 million tons.

Homigot Sunrise Plaza
People can see the history of development of beacon of Korea and other countries. It is open 09:00 - 18:00 everyday throughout the year, At the place, people can watch and enjoy blue-greened water and sunrise of the East Sea. The Homigot area is regarded as a tiger tail when the Korean Peninsula is called as a tiger.

Pokyongsa Temple & Mt. Naeyon
The Pokyongsa Temple is located at the foot of Mt. Naeyon (altitude 930m). It is well known for its natural beauty and 12 waterfalls.

Guryongpo Beach
Guryongpo Beach, encompassed by Yeongil bay like the lake, is neighboring to the Tiger Tail Point of Korean Peninsula. It is located 24 km or 1.5 km away from Pohang or Guryongpo-eup respectively. It can accommodate 10,000 visitors per day on semicircular beach of 18,000 area, 400 m length, and 50 m width. Around the beach, there are many good places for visitors to enjoy fishing along the coastal line.

Yangdong Folk Village
"Yangdongmaul" in Kangdong-myon, Gyeongju, is an authentic folk village with the Confucian cultural tradition of the Chosun Dynasty. The village was formed during middle of the Chosun Dynasty (ca. 15-16th century). There are a total of 360 tile-roofed and straw-roofed houses, providing visitors with a pleasant "hometown" feeling.