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Chemistry Resources

         • Chemistry (Chemistry.about.com)
         • Chemistry Resources (Netaccess)
         • WWW Chemistry Resources (Duke Univ.)
         • Links for Chemists (U. of Liverpool)
         • Chemistry Teaching Resources (Umea Univ.)
         • Library of Chemistry Resources (FDA, US)
         • Chemistry Resources on the Internet (UCSB)
         • Cheminfo (Indiana U.)
         • Chemdex (U. of Sheffield)
         • Chemie (DE)
         • Chemweb (Elsevier)

   History of Chemistry
         • Chemistry: A History (Nidlink.com)
         • Classic Chemistry (Le Moyne College)
            - Selected Classic Papers from the History of Chemistry
            - This Week in the History of Chemistry
         • History of Chemistry (ETHZ)
         • The History of Chemistry (U. of Washington)

   Analytical Chemistry
       • The Analytical Chemistry Springboard (Umea U.)

   Macromolecular Chemistry
The Macrogalleria - a cyberwonderland of polymer fun
            (U. of S. Mississippi)

   Organic Chemistry
 • Organic Chemistry Resources Worldwide (Organic worldwide) 

  Physical Chemistry
Computational Chemistry Resources on the WWW
            (Swinburne U. Tech.)
Thermodynamic Data & Property (U. of Illinois)

         •  Chemwave
         •  Am. Chem. Soc./ Chemist's Code of Conduct (ACS)
         •  Science is fun (U. of Wisconsin)
         •  The Wooden Periodic Table Table
         •  PeriodicTable.com Chemist Home page
         •  Periodic Table of Comic Books (U. of Kentucky)
         •  Annals of improbable Research
                    - The Ig Nobel Prizes
         •  Molecules with Silly Names (U. of Bristol)
         •  Chem Team (High school)
                    - Classic papers

 Chemistry Related Societies
       •  Korean Chemical Society
       •  The Polymer Society of Korea


Chemistry Departments in the World
       •  Korea (Chemwave)
       •  US (UCSB)
       •  Other Countries

 Chemistry Journals (Rolf Claessen)