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Greeting the Sunrise Festival


The Greeting the Sunrise Festival is run in mid-May for three days immediately after the midterm of the spring semester. Because of the relatively small student body at POSTECH, the festival, organized by the POSTECH Students Association, has a family-like atmosphere, in which everyone enjoys the programs designed by POSTECH's science and technology students.

Hyungsan Academic Festival


The Hyungsan Academic Festival, organized by the Federation of Student Circles, takes place at the end of October after the midterm of the second semester. Originally designed to provide venues for academic presentations by students' circles and departments, this festival now provides various programs including sports competition, plays and movie festivals, as well as academic conferences. The festival plays an important role in creating and relaying the traditions of POSTECH's indigenous culture.

Thursday Cultural Program


Every Thursday a variety of cultural events of high standard, including musical performances, plays, movies, operas, etc. are presented at the POSTECH Auditorium. The Cultural Program Committee was organized in March 1987, to provide students, faculty and staff members, who are mostly living on and near campus, with cultural and entertainment opportunities often.