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The exchange program gives you the opportunity to study and immerse yourself in the Korean culture and actively partake in research activities for several months to a full academic year. As a participant in the program, you will pay the same tuition as you would at your home university.

- Typical Exchange Program: You can take regular courses for at least one semester to one academic year. Generally students can take 3 to 9 credits per semester. Students applying to PE1, must exhibit fluency in English. Many courses are available in English within the graduate program.
- Short-term Research Work: You can work on research projects for several months under the guidance of POSTECH professors without having any prior knowledge of the Korean language. The maximum period of research is 6 months.
- Course taking & Short-term Research: You may also combine the two programs above for one semester to one academic year.

Academic Calendar:
Students can participate in this exchange program for the fall and/or spring semesters.
Spring Semester: March 1 - Middle of June
Summer Session: June - August
Fall Semester: September 1 - Middle of December
Winter Session: December - February
Short-term Research Work: Students can design their own research work period.

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