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The graduate program, supported by the BK(Brain Korea) 21 program of the Ministry of Education, is tailored to the needs of each student for achieving his/her research goals. The programs leading to MS and Ph.D degrees involve a short list of core courses and a variety of electives, which are essential to their specialized field of interest that individual students may need for their future career development. Students may also enroll in courses offered by other departments such as Physics, Life Sciences, Computer Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, and Materials Science.

The graduate program not only maintains the highest standard of scholarship through course work, a series of qualifying examinations, and an oral examination, but also requires the development of original and goal-oriented research projects. A heavy emphasis is placed on dissertation research that is characterized by originality, highly effective and goal-oriented approaches, and the use of state-of-the-art instrumentations and techniques. Through the dissertation research, graduate students are typically trained not only to specialize in one sub-discipline, but also to participate in interdisciplinary research. The original research project culminates in a dissertation, which must be successfully defended at a final oral examination.

Exchange and evaluation of ideas and experimental data are also encouraged through research group meetings and active seminar programs featuring internal and outside speakers. The department holds a weekly departmental seminar to promote the exchange of ideas and help achieving research goals. There are also numerous special research seminars sponsored by individual research groups and centers. Scientists of national and international stature, who have made important advances in their field, present many of these lectures. These seminars afford an opportunity for students to gain an overview of a diverse range of chemical research activities. Students are expected to attend the various departmental and special seminars as an integral part of their education.

The Chemistry Department provides full financial support for all qualified graduate students. This support may be in the form of a BK 21 fellowship, a teaching assistantship, and/or a research assistantship.

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